Tile flooring for kitchen or bathroom

Beautiful ceramic and porcelain tile flooring can be used to dress up a room as an accent piece or as a practical flooring across an entire room. Whether you want to use tile in your floors, backsplash or shower, popular glass and metal mosaics add a unique touch to your home. See what the 2018 tile flooring trends are.

Ceramic tile & porcelain tile

Ceramic tiles are long lasting, easy cleaning floor tile, resistant to stains and water. Installed over radiant heating, they give you, and your feet, a consistent warm surface you'll love.

Porcelain tile is extremely durable and resistant to water, odor and mildew. As an excellent conductor of heat, porcelain tiles provides an efficient and even in-flooring heating option.

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Mosaic tile & stone tile

Mosaic backsplash tiles are a fantastic upgrade for any kitchen or bathroom. They come in a variety of materials, colors and styles to match or accent any unique decor for any home. Solid stone tiles, such as granite, marble or travertine, offer a natural beauty with patterns and colors often times hard to replicate.

Tile flooring in bathrooms

Tile flooring is one of many excellent choices to use in a bathroom. Y's Way Flooring carries the tile you're looking for as well as other options for your bathroom or mudroom. Read more about the various bathroom flooring options we have for your home.