Top Bathroom Flooring Options To Choose From

Top Bathroom Flooring Options To Choose From

Designing your own bathroom space, from tub and shower to bathroom flooring, is an opportunity everyone should experience at least once in their lives. When done mindfully, your bathroom can become a hideaway oasis where you can renew and rejuvenate your spirit without ever leaving the house. While many people focus on the perfect tub, shower, and toilet, the bathroom flooring, rugs, and window treatments bring your personal sanctuary together. With the vast number of options available in the marketplace, how do you choose? Each material offers its own unique set of benefits, aesthetics, and vibes. Explore these top bathroom flooring options to get started.

Carpet as Bathroom Flooring

When you choose carpet as a bathroom flooring, you can enjoy the benefits of a soft, warm floor when you step out of the shower or tub. Compared to tile, carpet is noise-reducing, creating a quiet, comforting, and serene environment. However, moisture is always a consideration, so choosing a moisture-resistant carpet with anti-microbial properties is a must.

Tile as Bathroom Flooring

Some consider ceramic and porcelain tiles an ideal choice for bathroom flooring based on their natural water resistance. They're known for being easy to maintain, durable, and scratch-resistant. However, they can be colder than their counterparts, which can be a viable consideration in your Wisconsin home. Plus, they do require regular cleaning to stave off mold and mildew.

Hardwood as Bathroom Flooring

You can level up the warmth and elegance of your bathroom flooring by installing hardwood. While this choice requires sealing and regular maintenance to protect it from moisture damage, many homeowners say it can increase your home's resale value, as hardwood floors remain a sought-after home benefit.

Laminate as Bathroom Flooring

If you want the look of hardwood (or tile) for a fraction of the cost, laminate bathroom flooring may be for you. Aside from the lower cost, laminate bathroom flooring is scratch and stain-resistant and easy to install.

Natural Stone as Bathroom Flooring

If you're looking for one-of-a-kind bathroom flooring, natural stone may be your best choice. It's incredibly durable and is considered a premium material that can add value to your home, even after giving you years of enjoyment.

Cork as Bathroom Flooring

Looking for a more eco-friendly choice? Check out cork. It delivers a feeling between carpet and tile: it's soft, warm, and comfortable to walk on and offers natural thermal and sound insulation. Cork requires moisture protection and can fade if placed in direct sunlight.

Metal Tiles as Bathroom Flooring

Does contemporary industrial feel more like your vibe? Explore metal tiles. They're low-maintenance and resistant to mold, mildew, and corrosion. However, metal tiles, when used as bathroom flooring, can get slippery when wet and may scratch easier than alternatives.

Area Rugs and Window Treatments

You can significantly influence the feel and design of your bathroom through thoughtfully selected support elements such as area rugs and window treatments. These pieces can provide the finishing touches to elevate your space to the luxury escape you've longed for.

Which Bathroom Flooring Options Inspire You?

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