Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors This Winter Season

Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors This Winter Season

Winter is quickly approaching, and with it comes extreme cold, snow, and other harsh weather conditions. Without care and consideration, all of the outside elements can quickly make their way inside your home. Unfortunately, these high-moisture conditions can cause severe problems for your hardwood floors. This makes it essential to take steps to ensure your floors stay safe all winter long.

Tips for Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Safe This Winter

There are several steps that you should take to ensure your hardwood floors remain safe and in good condition all winter long.

Keep Up During the Summer Months

One of the best ways to preserve the quality and appearance of your hardwood floors is to ensure you maintain them regularly. Not only is maintenance important in the winter months but during the summer as well. 

Given the fact that warm temperatures often encourage people to go outside more often, they are more likely to bring dirt, rocks, and other elements inside. These hard objects can cause scratches and other damage to wood floors. This makes it essential to continue to clean and maintain your floors during the summer so that you will not have to go the extra mile during the winter months. Dust frequently, protect the floors from the sun and heat, and polish them often.

Use Mats Whenever Necessary

Hardwood floors are extremely attractive. However, scratches, pits, and other damage can show up and become an eyesore. To ensure you have the maximum amount of protection for your floors this winter, be sure to use floor mats. 

Use mats at your entrances to ensure shoes are clean and dry before they make their way into your home. Additionally, add a mat to the side of the door to allow people to remove their shoes at the door. To ensure further protection, add floor mats to any high-traffic areas.

Close the Gaps

Cold winter air is notorious for drying out our skin. Unfortunately, it can also dry out hardwood floors and cause extensive damage. When floorboards dry out, it can result in gaps forming on the surface. To prevent this from happening, it is vital to maintain a stable humidity level inside the home. Using a humidifier can help to reduce the likelihood of this happening. Additionally, be sure to seal off any gaps around your doors and windows to prevent outdoor air from coming in.

Keep It Shining Bright

Although hardwood floors are extremely attractive, they do serve a vital role in your ability to walk around your home. Keeping them safe and protected is critical to ensure you are able to make it from room to room safely. Adding a polish or a protective coating can help preserve its beauty and keep it safe from the elements. Additionally, you should regularly dust the surface and use a microfiber mop to clear up any spills or liquids in a timely manner.

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